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Cosmo Technopark established in 2016, which deeply involved in the developmemt and operation of industrial parks in the Greater Bay Area. With good government and industrial resource, the group became the first enterprise involved in ueban renewal of Shenzhen and Dongguan and built the first industrial transformation from "industrial land reform" to "M0" project in Dongguan. With our strong origin of leading enterprise, we have developed projects such as Z-town, Y-town, Fenggang Tian'an T5, O-film, Longhua Dalang and Luohu Shuibei. In the future, Cosmo Technopark Group will develop and operate more than 10 million square meters of industrial parks based on the Greater Bay Area, and become one of the strongest domestic industrial platforms as a benchmark enterprise of industrial develppment and operation in China.

3.3 Million
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5 Million
Future Porjects
Collecting wisdom for innovation   Winning the future by talents
Innovation is the first driving force and talent is the first resource.
Cosmo Technopark Group is composed of innovative talents with strong professionalism, high comprehensive quality and excellent technical ability, and more than 70% of them have experience in industrial real estate. The management of the company has more than ten years of industrial and real estate experience, and has held important positions in Tian'an, China South City Holdings Limited, CFLD, Songshan Lake Intelligent Valley and other companies or projects, with a strong vision and strategic insight; 66% of the team members are with bachelor degree or above, and the average age of them is 33 years old. It is a young and energetic team with full of innovation and brave to meet the challenges.
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